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Serving the Heart of the North Texas Hill Country

Mineral Wells Sign

Monday Thru Friday 6:00 - 8:00 A.M.

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Need Free airtime for your non-profit organizations upcoming event . Send us an email at least 10 days in advance to

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Old time Radio

Unlike Low Power FM station low power AM stations have no limits on advertising.

Interested in advertising on Radio KVMW? contact us at

No Cell phone

No use of hand held devices in school zones except for 911.

Front and Back. It's the law

Buckle up

Over 15 the individual is responsible under 15 the driver is responsible

Part 15 Radio Station

The FCC allows low power, community radio stations to use certain high frequency AM bands provided the broadcast power and transmitter comply with government regulations.

Our transmitter is approved under FCC rule Part 15.219 which is not a radiation limitation but a power and antenna length limitation .The Hamilton Rangemaster 1000 transmitter that KVMW uses operates at 100mw (1/10 of a watt). For comparison KJSA a long established commercial station in Mineral Wells transmits at 250 daytime watts, 25,000 time as powerful as KVMW. Advances in technology today allow us to obtain high quality sound on low power AM within our broadcast radius.


Old Time Music Radio

Radio and RadioKVMW AM 1670 plays the best of Harry James, Glenn Miller,Frank Sinatra,Rosemary Clooney and other Great Classic Big Band Era artist 24 hours a day.

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